Requirements to Rent a Car with Payless Mexico

Last updated: 15/Feb/2022

To rent a car at Payless Rent-A-Car ® México, the primary driver and/or additional driver(s), without exception, must meet the following four rental requirements:


  • The minimum age to rent is 18 years old.
  • If the driver is between 18 and 21 years old, he/she can rent a car for an additional fee called "Young Driver Fee" of $250.00 MXN per day. This amount is subject to airport charges and VAT.
  • The additional driver charge is for each driver the primary renter wishes to add to the rental.
  • Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico reserves the right to deny the rental if age requirements are not met.


For Mexican citizens:

All national customers must present a valid official photo ID, only the voting credential issued by the National Electoral Institute of the United Mexican States or the Passport issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are accepted as IDs.

For foreigners:

All customers of foreign nationality must present a valid passport that identifies them at the time of renting a car.

Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico reserves the right to deny the rental if the identification requirements are not met.

Driver's License

For Mexican citizens:

  • All drivers, primary or additional, must present a valid and current driver's license at the time of vehicle rental.
  • The license must be physical, not digital.
  • It is not allowed to rent a car with a driver's license.
  • The data on the driver's license must match the official ID presented, in name and address.

For foreigners:

  • All drivers, primary or additional, must present a valid and current driver's license at the time of vehicle rental.
  • Drivers cannot rent a vehicle with only an international driver's license.
  • We accept driver's licenses in Roman alphabet, if the customer presents a driver's license in another type of alphabet he/she must present his/her international driver's license.

Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico reserves the right to deny the rental if the driver's license requirements are not met.

Payment options

Credit Card

  • Accepted credit cards are: MasterCard, Visa and American Express.
  • To open a car rental contract with Payless Rent-A-Car(R) Mexico you must present a credit card for pre-authorization as a guarantee and collection of the rental fee at the beginning of the contract.
  • The signature on the back of the credit card must match the signature on the customer's official identification.
  • The renter must use the same signature on the credit card on the vehicle rental contract.
  • It is important that the customer's name is visible on the credit card.
  • If your credit card is not personalized, i.e. does not have the name and/or card number written on it, it will be accepted as long as it is issued by a commercial bank.
  • You must have sufficient funds to cover the rent and withholding, non-bank cards are not accepted for withholding.
  • In case the credit card is not in the driver's name, you can reserve as long as you guarantee that the cardholder is present at the time of picking up the vehicle.

Guarantee amounts via pre-authorization on credit cards

  • At the moment of opening the rental contract, Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico will charge the total amount of the rental.

  • If the client needs to return the unit before the return day stipulated in the contract, Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico will not refund in favor, if required by the client we will grant a coupon with 50% discount on your next rental with Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico that can be used at any time of the year as long as we have availability in the city and unit requested.

  • In case it is a credit card in USD dollar, Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico will proceed to make the charge at the exchange rate that our system has at that time, and in turn the customer's bank will make the conversion of the total amount according to the exchange rate it has. Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico is independent of the exchange rate used by your bank. If you have any doubt, you should contact your bank directly.

  • Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico will make a bank pre-authorization will be an amount of guarantee (check the section amounts in guarantee for more details).

  • The amount of the pre-authorization in guarantee depends on:  The remainder of the pre-authorization will be released as soon as the lease has been terminated.
    The remainder of the pre-authorization will be released as soon as the lease is terminated.
    The time of release of the pre-authorization does not depend on Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico, for us the transaction will be completed as soon as the lease contract is terminated.

Debit Cards

  • If your debit card is not personalized, i.e. it does not have the name and/or card number written on it, it will be accepted as long as it is issued by a commercial bank.
  • We do not accept debit cards issued by domestic or foreign Neobanks or cryptocurrencies, nor cards issued by Fintech.
  • Debit cards are accepted to make the payment of the rent at the opening or closing of the contract.
  • The signature on the back must match the name and signature on your official ID.

Cash / Checks / Travel Vouchers

For security reasons, we DO NOT accept the following methods of payment at any of our offices:

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Travel Vouchers
  • Payment with codi - Or any other electronic payment method such as apple pay, google pay, nfc, etc.


Prepaying your vehicle rental gives you great benefits and savings, these are our requirements:

  • You can choose to prepay your rental on our website or through our national reservation center.
  • The prepayment is not transferable, that is, the person whose name appears on the reservation must present himself/herself at the rental office to identify himself/herself and be able to rent the vehicle.
  • The customer must present a credit or debit card in the name of the person who made the prepayment with sufficient funds to rent the vehicle.
  • In the specific case that the client does not meet the requirements to rent the vehicle, the prepayment will not be refundable.

Guarantee Amounts via credit card pre-authorization

  • Vehicles are our main asset, that's why we need to protect them with security amounts.
  • The coverages available to our customers are optional, and are not a condition of rental, the customer can always choose the level of protection desired.

The amount of the guarantee will be defined by the category of car reserved, the total of the estimated account plus the guarantee according to the following table:

Customer's Credit Card Pre-Authorizations Table

Auto Category Choosing CDW Coverage Choosing CDW + SLI Coverage Choosing SLI Declining Coverage
Economic to Large $5,000 MXN $5,000 MXN $10,000 MXN $30,000 MXN
Economy SUV, Intermediate, Minivan, and Large Van $10,000 MXN $10,000 MXN $25,000 MXN $50,000 MXN
Large SUV $12,500 MXN $12,500 MXN $35,000 MXN $70,000 MXN
Suburban $33,000 MXN $33,000 MXN $37,400 MXN $70,000 MXN

Customer's credit card pre-authorization table for Expedia and Rentalcars.

Auto Category Choosing CDW Coverage Choosing CDW + SLI Coverage Choosing SLI Declining Coverage
Economic to Large $5,000 MXN $5,000 MXN $10,000 MXN $30,000 MXN
Economy SUV, Intermediate, Minivan, and Large Van $10,000 MXN $10,000 MXN $25,000 MXN $40,000 MXN
Large SUV $12,500 MXN $12,500 MXN $35,000 MXN $50,000 MXN
Suburban $33,000 MXN $33,000 MXN $37,400 MXN $50,000 MXN

Fees, charges and taxes

About our rates:

  • Our rental rate is charged for periods of 1 day minimum (0-24 hours) rental starts at the time you open your rental agreement.
  • Our regular rental rates include car rental and unlimited mileage only (T+K = Time and Mileage).
  • Fuel, any protection or services are additional, they are NOT included in the rental rate.
  • At the end of your reservation, the inclusions will be shown in detail, as well as in the rental contract in the detail of charges section.
  • The client has a grace period of 59 minutes to return the unit.
  • After the 60th minute, late delivery charges will be assessed as follows:
    • 1 hour late = 1/3 of the rental day
    • 2 hours late = 2/3 of rental day
    • 3 hours late = 1 additional rental day
    • Delayed delivery charges are subject to fees and VAT.
  • It is important for the customer to be aware that coverages and insurance are charged at full value after the 59th minute.

Fuel Charges

  • All vehicles are rented with a full tank of fuel.
  • You must return the vehicle with a full tank of gas to avoid additional charges, check with our rental office at the time of rental for the price of gas.
  • Refueling service is subject to taxes and fees.
  • The customer can choose to prepay the gas tank, this way he/she does not need to return the car with a full tank, the value of the prepaid gas depends on each vehicle and its tank capacity. Details of this service can be consulted directly at our counter at the time of renting the vehicle.

No Show / Cancellation Policy

  • Reservations for direct payment at the office can be canceled at any time, we ask you to cancel them if you are not going to need them.
  • For prepaid reservations:

    • Cancellations made 72 hrs in advance, at the date and time of taking the vehicle there will be NO cancellation fee.
    • Cancellations made less than 72 hrs. prior to the date and time of pick up are non-refundable.
    • Any prepaid reservation, in which the client due to health issues or force majeure can not travel will be refunded without charge, for this it will be necessary to contact our contact center to be channeled to customer service, you must provide proof of illness or situation.

Charge for dropping off the car in another city

The customer may decide to return the car in a different office than the one where he/she picked up the vehicle.

  • For reservations, this charge is already included in the total amount to be paid, as long as the customer chooses the option to return the car in another office.
  • If the customer chooses to return the vehicle at a different office the one way charge is as follows: $10 MXN per kilometer plus VAT, this distance is measured from the office where the car was delivered to the customer to the office where it was returned.
  • The customer can only return the car at Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico offices. It is not allowed to leave the car at any other location, parking lot or similar.
  • For detailed costs, you can use our web page to quote, or call our national reservation center as it depends on your choice of locations.
  • Leaving the car at another office in a parking lot or any other location outside of a Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico office may result in additional charges for loss of use, violations or charges for damages due to negligence or abandonment. This must be notified and authorized by the Reservation Center at least 48 hours prior to contract closing.

Travel Restrictions 

  • Cross-border transits to the United States of America are allowed.
  • Cross-border crossing to the United States of America is subject to the acquisition of a special protection with a cost of $180.00 MXN + VAT and taxes.
  • Cross-border transit to the United States of America is not available at some rental offices.
  • It is required to notify the location where the rental unit will be returned for prior authorization.
  • The vehicle must be rented and returned at a Payless Rent-A-Car® office within the territory of the United Mexican States, it is not allowed to leave the car at any Payless Rent-A-Car® office outside the Mexican national territory.
  • Cross-border transits to Central and South America are strictly prohibited.
  • Cars cannot be transited to Cozumel Island in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, in the Pacific zone our units cannot cross the Mazatán / Topolobampo Ferry to La Paz.

Fees and taxes

  • The airport fee is a percentage value that varies depending on the location of rental, for details on the cost quote directly on our website or call our reservation center nations. This amount is marked as airport fee in the quote detail.
  • Vehicle licensing fee: $18.00 MXN per day of rental.
  • Federal Value Added Tax (VAT): 16%.

Asset Monitoring Activation Surcharge (AMAS):

  • The Asset Monitoring Activation Surcharge (AMAS) is automatically activated when CDW protection (collision or theft) is declined in order to protect the customer and the asset (vehicle).
  • The AMAS fee is charged to satellite monitor the car when it is not collision or theft (CDW) protected.
  • If the customer chooses not to take CDW (Collision or Theft) protection for the car, the Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico system will automatically charge the AMAS fee.
  • To avoid the AMAS fee, the customer must purchase CDW (Collision or Theft) protection offered only by Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico.
  • The AMAS fee cannot be avoided if the customer presents CDW (Collision or Theft) protection from a third party.
  • The AMAS fee is a per day charge and varies depending on the type of car category chosen by the customer.
  • Current AMAS activation fees:

    • Economy (ECAR), Compact (CCAR), Intermediate (ICAR), Standard (SCAR) and Large(FCAR): $160.00 mxn/day.
    • SUV (SFAR), Minivan (MVAR), Pickup (SQMR): $180.00 mxn/day
    • Large Van (FVMR), Premium (PCAR), Luxury Van(LVAR): $240.00 mxn/day

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) 

  • The purchase of CDW is optional and reduces the customer's financial responsibility for damage to the Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico vehicle.
  • If the value of the damage is less than the deductible, the customer will pay for the repair of the vehicle. Theft, vandalism or damage to parts and accessories are not covered.
  • If the customer decides not to purchase the CDW, he/she will be fully responsible for the loss or damage, paying the actual market value of the rented vehicle, which includes, but is not limited to, towing, storage, impound, loss of use and administrative charges subject to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement and applicable laws.
  • The cost of the CDW varies depending on the car chosen by the client, starting at $340.00 MXN per day, not to exceed $567.60 MXN per day.

Table of deductibles if the customer opts for our CDW protection

Auto Category SIPP Code Deductible
Economic ECAR 10% of the invoice value of the car
Compact CCAR 10% of the invoice value of the car
Intermediate ICAR 10% of the invoice value of the car
Standard SCAR 10% of the invoice value of the car
Large FCAR 10% of the invoice value of the car
SUV SFAR 10% of the invoice value of the car
Premium PCAR 10% of the invoice value of the car
Minivan  MVAR  10% of the invoice value of the car
VAN Large FVAR  10% of the invoice value of the car
Luxury Van LVAR  10% of the invoice value of the car

Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI)

  • All of our rental vehicles have third-party liability insurance in the amounts prescribed by Mexican law.
  • Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) is an automobile excess liability coverage that protects all authorized drivers of the rental vehicle against third party bodily injury and property damage claims.
  • The Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico rental car is not protected by purchasing this insurance.
  • The purchase of SLI is optional and increases the third party protection from $750,000 MXN to $4,000,000 MXN while driving within the country, provided the terms and conditions of the rental agreement are met.
  • The cost of the SLI depends on the car chosen by the client and ranges from $240.00 MXN per day, not to exceed $468.75 MXN per day.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) provides medical and accidental death protection to the driver and passengers according to the passenger capacity of the rented vehicle.
  • The purchase of PAI provides medical assistance up to $200,000 MXN in expense benefits for the renter and all passengers in the car, the amount is per event and not per passenger or driver.
  • The cost of this insurance is $ 59.00 MXN per day in all car categories.

Other protection options

  • U.S. auto liability insurance is not valid in Mexico (in most cases), nor are most collision and comprehensive coverages issued by U.S. companies.
  • If you have a third party liability insurance policy for Mexico, written proof will be required at the time of rental. Your insurance policy must specify that you will be covered for rental cars while driving in Mexico.
  • If you purchased third party protection (other than from Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico), it is important that you read the applicable terms and conditions. This type of protection does not exempt the client from full payment for collision, theft, damage to third parties, among others. In most cases, this type of insurance may not apply in Mexico.
  • If you wish to use your credit card insurance, you must present written proof of coverage at the time of rental.
  • Many foreign credit card insurances do not offer assistance in Mexico.
  • The customer will be fully responsible for arranging coverage with the card issuer for any damage or theft of the Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico vehicle. That is to say, if the client chooses not to acquire our coverage, he/she will be responsible for any event that affects the Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico vehicle and the charge of the damage will be made to the card in guarantee, it will be the client's responsibility to carry out any procedure with his/her credit club, bank or card issuer to recover the cost of the damage.
  • Payless Rent-A-Car(R) Mexico will only provide the supporting documents, but will not make any arrangements on behalf of the customer if the customer has not purchased direct protection with Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico.
  • We strongly recommend that you call your credit card issuer to obtain detailed information about the coverage offered before coming to our offices.

We reserve the right to rent

  • If the customer does not meet the rental requirements, Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico reserves the right to rent the car.
  • All rental requirements must be met in order for a customer to be eligible to enter into a rental agreement with Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico.

Additional Products and Services

We offer a wide variety of additional services and products to complement your car rental experience.

Pickup and Delivery

  • Service available at most of our locations.
  • Advance reservations are required.
  • Notification to location for pre-authorization is required.
  • If applicable, delivery and pick-up are free of charge within a radius of approximately one kilometer from the rental location.

Baby seat

  • The use of infant seats or child seats is an essential safety feature that can prevent injuries and even serious accidents when traveling in a car with small children.
  • Our child seat is ideal for 4-7 years (15-30 kg) and our infant seat is ideal for up to 4 years (0-15 kg).
  • The infant seat and child seat must be installed by the customer for the safety of their passengers.
  • Not all of our locations offer child seats.
  • Infant seats are subject to availability so we recommend to always make a reservation.
  • The cost is $ 145.00 MXN + taxes and fees per day.
  • If child safety seats/booster seats are lost, stolen or damaged, a recovery fee of $ 5,000.00 MXN applies.

Prepaid fuel tank 

  • A prepaid fuel tank saves you the time and hassle of filling up before returning your rental car.
  • The cost of the prepaid tank will vary depending on the type of car selected.
  • This is a counter product, therefore, it is not reservable, consult with our counter advisors at the time of your rental to contract the service.

Lost & Found

  • Please make sure to take all your personal and important items with you before returning the rental car. 
  • If you forgot or lost any of your belongings in our facilities or in the rental car, Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico is not responsible. 
  • We are not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of any property in the car for transfers to our offices or airports, in any service vehicle, such as a van or shuttle bus, on our premises, or that we receive or drive.
  • You are responsible for keeping your belongings in plain view at all times.

In-Vehicle Smoking Charge

  • All of our vehicles are smoke-free.
  • Smoking inside the vehicle is strictly prohibited.
  • Tobacco smoke emits a pungent odor that becomes a residue on the fabrics, fibers and surfaces of the automobile, emitting a strong odor that most renters find unpleasant and/or have allergies to.
  • We are committed to providing our customers with 100% smoke-free vehicles, which is why all vehicles undergo an inspection upon return.
  • In most cases, the person in charge of receiving the vehicles will inspect them at that time in the return area.
  • If the agent finds evidence, which shows that the interior of the vehicle is smoked and/or smells of smoke, photos will be taken and the customer will be informed.
  • A cleaning fee of $4,000 MXN will be applied in case of smoking in the vehicle during the rental period.

Pets in cars

  • Pets are allowed in rental vehicles.
  • The client must inform that in the rental vehicle will carry a pet, Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico will take care of the thorough cleaning of the vehicle before the next rental, this as a courtesy to people who are allergic to animal hair.
  • The charge for cleaning a car that transported pets is $1,000 MXN plus VAT.
  • In case of not reporting the transportation of pets and related hair or stains are detected, the charge will be applied.
  • Payless Rent-A-Car® Mexico offers you the option to rent a mat and leash to transport your pets at an additional cost of $100.00 MXN plus VAT.

Excess of dirt

In case there is excessive dirt in the rented vehicle there will be a charge ranging from $1500 MXN to $5,000 MXN depending on the rented car and the conditions in which it is delivered to the rental office, for example: excessive mud on the floor mats and interiors of the rented unit, cigarette butts, spilled liquids, foul odors, alcohol spilled on the seats, all of this will be at the consideration of our operations agents.


This policy establishes and communicates the guidelines for the issuance of invoices for the services provided by Payless Mexico in compliance with the rules established by the SAT (Secretariat of Tax Administration) in the current tax miscellaneous and in conjunction with the current version of the invoicing rules.


  • The fiscal invoice will be issued according to the guidelines established by the SAT, delivering the corresponding PDF and XML files in the current version. The recipient's fiscal data will be provided at the moment of contracting the service in a clear and precise manner.
  • In case the client requires to update his invoicing data, he must do so via email to the following email address:
  • In case the client has not provided his fiscal data, the payment will be invoiced as Sale to the General Public with the generic RFC established by the SA.
  • Services performed on the last business day of the current month will be invoiced on the first business day of the following month.
  • Invoices may not be issued for payments made in previous months. At the end of the month, the client has 3 working days of the following month to request the corresponding invoice.
  • Every invoice generates the VAT charge corresponding to the zone marked by the tax authority.

Invoices will be generated with the following information:

  • In the receiver's information, it will contain the client's company name, RFC and fiscal address of the client.
  • In the information of the use of the CFDI, it will be registered as "03 General Expenses".
  • The method of payment will be only by credit card, debit card (only at the closing of the contract), bank transfer or check (only for agreement customers).
  • Even if payment has been made by credit card or bank transfer, the payment condition will be "Payment in a single exhibition".
  • The code and concept will indicate the service contracted by the customer, aligned to the catalog of services established by the SAT. 

Sending the invoice

  • The invoice will be sent to the email provided by the client, having a period of 72 hours from the date of shipment for any questions or clarification of this.

Clarifications and corrections

  • The invoice will be made with the data provided by the customer, in case there is any erroneous information, the invoice may be changed as long as it is still within the month of payment or within 3 days of the following month.
  • No corrections or cancellations of invoices will be accepted after the month in which the payment was made.
  • Under no circumstances will invoices be issued for an amount greater than the amount consumed.

For any additional questions